Unique gains from an Online Business opportunity

Online businesses have been in the run since more than a decade ago and some have become successful enough to compare and even surpass regular brick and mortar business houses. This could not have been imagined for businessman more than a decade ago, but the uniqueness of an Online Business opportunity lies in the way the intermediaries are dissolved and the seller is rewarded directly.


Take the example of a seller who sells apparel online. With the availability of various gadgets, all he has to do is take pictures of his merchandise (dresses) and post them on his website along with price quotations. Of course he has to pay for hosting and a secure payment page, but these prices can be negotiated on a contractual basis for long period (maybe a year to 5 years or longer). The cost is spread over the whole period and works out well for the seller. The advantage of this online business opportunity comes in the fact that the seller does not pay monthly rentals on store-keeping charges, wages, infrastructure like electricity and plumbing for the whole set-up, so a lot of costs are cut down at the supply end. Because of these lower supply side costs, the seller can sell his wares at a cheaper rate online than the competitors and thus enjoy a wider share of business.